Friday, April 29, 2011

Waity Katie No More!

She finally got her man, but honestly I think he's the lucky one. She seems to be quite an interesting and determined lady. I was bombarded with television programs all about the "royal couple" last night. I can't say that I paid all that much attention to them over the years, but she did hold my attention a few times when it seemed the press was bit harsh to her (I always wondered what the motive was behind it). Giving her names like "waity katie" or mentioning her weight. Maybe she was just "in training" all along. Being a public figure is the eye of the media isn't an easy task and definitely isn't for the thin skinned.
I thought William looked very handsome in his Irish Guards uniform, and Kate's dress was gorgeous, but one had to question her choice. Why of all people would you choose a style of dress so close to a woman who died tragically in a car accident, much like the woman who's ring you're wearing?!  Maybe she's of the morbid type. Also, William asked for Kate's title to be "princess", but the Queen didn't approve. Kate's official title is now the "Duchess of Cambridge."
Anyhow, I wish them all the best with their marriage. They look like such a lovely couple. Congratulations!

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